Navigating California's Latest ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Laws: Decoding CA AB976 and AB1033

 Exciting news for our fellow Californians! If you've been contemplating changes to your property, especially adding those cozy granny flats, casitas, and even in-law units, it's time to pay attention. Let's delve into the essentials of the recent passing of California’s  ADU bills AB976 and AB1033 which amend Section 65852.2 of the Government Code and see how they might shape your real estate journey. 

Streamlined Approval Process: In short, building an ADU is now easier than it has ever been. Say goodbye to a lot of red tape! The new laws have smoothed out the approval process, making it much simpler for homeowners like us to embark on ADU projects. No more excessive fees or never-ending permits—just a quicker, easier process that won't break the bank or have you waiting for years for approvals. But that's not all - they also play a crucial role in further simplifying the approval process. They focus on clarifying and streamlining various aspects of ADU regulations, ensuring a smoother journey for homeowners. 

Size Matters–Big Time: For those of us in California who call our homes our havens, rejoice! You can now explore both attached and detached ADUs without compromising your current cozy atmosphere. The size limit has been adjusted under CA AB976, giving us more room to play without disrupting our home's comforting vibes. 

Parking? No Sweat: Parking stress, be gone! The new laws have also eased up on the parking requirements in many areas, making life simpler for homeowners. No need to carve out space for your ADU's ride, especially if you're within a half-mile of public transit. They have also contributed to the parking solution by addressing requirements, ensuring that the process aligns with the goal of making ADU construction more feasible and accessible. 

Affordable Housing Galore: For those dreaming of a more affordable California lifestyle? This may help! The goal here is to offer more affordable housing options under CA AB976 and AB1033, allowing you to explore building ADUs on your property. In theory, more inventory…lower costs. It's a win-win. This gives Californians more rental and purchasing options that won't break the bank. AB1033 even allows you to sell off your ADUs separately from the main home. Perfect for those looking to downsize or create a cozy space for loved ones. 

Eco-Friendly Vibes: Beyond housing, it's about embracing a greener lifestyle! ADUs contribute to sustainable living and a smaller carbon footprint. By choosing a smaller dwelling, we're promoting eco-friendly living and saying no to urban sprawl. Many factory ADU providers are even including solar paneling with their units to sustain habitability requirements. 

Wrapping It Up: In a nutshell, California's new ADU laws offer exciting possibilities for many in our community, addressing housing challenges while providing more flexibility and a greener lifestyle. However, it's crucial to note that while these laws open up exciting possibilities, they aren't without their challenges. Increased interest in ADUs may lead to a rise in property values, attracting more investors to the market and further pushing out first time buyers. This surge in demand has also created a rush for ADU builders, creating an opportunity for many to inflate construction costs or increase their piece of providing a prefab unit. As we navigate this evolving landscape, it's crucial to be mindful of these potential impacts on costs and property values. 

To find out how these new laws affect your real estate planning, contact the author, W. Dave Osborne. W. David Osborne is a licensed broker and Realtor in CA and WA and has held broker licenses in 7 other states as well as 5 real estate auctioneer licenses. He has sold over 7,000 homes and currently runs an independent real estate brokerage in southern California. Contact: W. David Osborne (DRE 01346546) 714-910-9820 Referral Real Estate.